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Date: 09/20/22 19:40
LIRR diesel layovers
Author: march_hare

Somebody bounced a question off of me about the operation of push-pull commuter trains, one I couldn’t answer. 

The question involved overnight layovers of diesel consists, and whether the diesels run all night, shut down entirely, or have something like the periodic start/stop controls you see on newer freight diesels. 

I think I can identify where the other northeastern commuter lines have diesels parked overnight, but (embarrassingly) don’t know the LIRR all that well. Anybody know offhand where their overnight layovers are?

Date: 09/20/22 20:24
Re: LIRR diesel layovers
Author: pdt

Oyster Bay, Port Jeff, Montauk, Greenport, I imagine.    Pretty boring, no variety

Date: 09/20/22 20:38
Re: LIRR diesel layovers
Author: Kemacprr

When the FA units with their 244 prime movers were in cab car service the LIRR added a large muffler over the prime mover to reduce the noise when the unit was idling at night. When they converted to either a Cat or Cummins gen set they could be shut down at night in warmer weather. ---  Ken 

Date: 09/21/22 03:14
Re: LIRR diesel layovers
Author: joemvcnj

Add Babylon, Speonk, and Ronkonkoma, delete Greenport from the list.


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