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Date: 12/13/16 15:02
Indian Train Signs
Author: andersonb109

I thought these two were  interesting.   Taken of and on the one main line passenger service we used....New Delhi to Agra. About a 3.5 hour trip if on time. Departed and arrived 45 minutes. No reason given. Train was packed but we had one first class compartment with two lower and upper births to ourselves.Track was very smooth but lots of lateral motion in the car. 

Date: 12/13/16 21:53
Re: Indian Train Signs
Author: Lurch_in_ABQ

Almost digital:

Date: 12/13/16 22:25
Re: Indian Train Signs
Author: dwatry

That's Western vs. footpad!

Date: 12/20/16 08:28
Re: Indian Train Signs
Author: Arkeytek

Actually, while simply the word "Accessible" would have been the best term to use, "Differently Abled" is generally preferred over "Disabled" (and don't even think about using the term "Handicapped," that's actually insulting to many). 

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