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International Railroad Discussion > Georgia, part 9. Batumi passenger station

Date: 01/20/19 03:00
Georgia, part 9. Batumi passenger station
Author: gobbl3gook

The Batumi passenger station is a couple kilometers northeast of town.  It's brand new, easy bus and taxi access, but not near anything. I'm not sure where the old station was.  

I walked up there from the hostel, took some of the railyard photos in part 8 the same day.  

1) Approaching the station from the beach (this is the only photo I have of the front of the station.  There's a better photo at Seat61.com, scroll halfway down the page -- https://www.seat61.com/Caucasus.htm).  
2) Looking back at the city, same location 
3) Rail map of Georgia.  Batumi is in the SW corner

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Date: 01/20/19 03:05
Re: Georgia, part 9. Batumi passenger station
Author: gobbl3gook

The station is sleek and modern.  And was very quiet when I was there.  

Outside was one train overlaying.  And some odd bits of MOW equipment.  

Inside, there was a ticket agent on the main floor.  The 2nd and 3rd floors were a furniture store.  Presumably they railroad is planning for a more frequent train service at some point, and they will have restaurants, gift shops and waiting areas upstairs.  But for now, it's a quiet furniture store.  

4) Train outside
5) MOW equipment outside
6) Furniture store

Date: 01/20/19 03:08
Re: Georgia, part 9. Batumi passenger station
Author: gobbl3gook

As always, when visiting a station I take a photo of the trainboard.  This is invaluable for planning train trips, as the info is all laid out in one place.  No guesswork and game-playing on some clunky "pair origin and destination" website.  

No trainboard here, at least not that I could decipher.  So I asked the station agent if she could write down the arrival and departure times for trains at the station.  She happily did so, on a slip of paper, and gave it to me.  

7) Agent making a "trainboard" for me.  Note her excellent posture. 
8) The notecard trainboard, side by side with the train info at the station that I couldn't decipher. 
9) Detail of my trainboard notecard, in case any of you are planning train travel in or out of Batumi in the near future.  

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Date: 01/20/19 03:17
Re: Georgia, part 9. Batumi passenger station
Author: gobbl3gook

Bonus pics, Batumi neighborhoods

Batumi is warm and humid.  There's palm trees and elephant ears growing in peoples' yards.  And Georgians keep up their gardens nicely anyway, so for someone like me, who likes plants, there was always something to look at.  Walking, with GPS, let me wander through a lot of very back-alley streets and see where ordinary people live.  

10) Porch with elephant ear taro, and an ephiphyllum cactus
11) Persimmon tree.  Ubiquitous in yards across the Caucasus and Kazahstan,  I was a little early for the harvest, unfortunately (right on time for apple harvest, though).  
12) Trackside picnic table.  This was across a quiet residential street from a house.  I thought it was well-placed.    

Photos from mid-November, 2017.  
Location: https://goo.gl/maps/KFspdDUzsk82

Questions, comments, corrections?  

I have a few more Batumi photos, then the trip posts will move over to the European board for Odessa, Ukraine photos.  

Ted in OR

Date: 01/20/19 04:49
Re: Georgia, part 9. Batumi passenger station
Author: GPutz

Very interesting.  Thanks for posting.  Gerry

Date: 01/20/19 11:20
Re: Georgia, part 9. Batumi passenger station
Author: inCHI

Neat to see, had no idea you'd find those plants in that area.

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