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Date: 01/03/20 09:33
NZR "Ka" Class 4.8.4's
Author: Utahfannz

Re. Shrowd or cowling, when "Ka" class were constructed in late 30's early 1940's the was the era of streamlining and the NZR was no exception.this was removed in later years do being a collection point of ash and soot, as the locomotives were coal burners, being removed, on conversion to oil-burners, in late 1940's.
The shrowd never conceled anything but smokebox, as the old AFCI feedwater heater being placed on left-hand side on the running board.
NZR's 39 "J" class 4.8.2's built by North British were streamlined, this also being removed in late 1940's again for same reason being a receptical for ash collection.

Date: 01/03/20 12:02
Re: NZR "Ka" Class 4.8.4's
Author: PHall

Bulletnose Betty Kiwi style!

Date: 01/13/20 14:46
Re: NZR "Ka" Class 4.8.4's
Author: needles_sub

NZR. New Zealand Railway ?

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