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Date: 06/10/20 03:10
Trans Siberian Trip Part 8
Author: andersonb109

The second diversion off the main line was an all day trip on the original main line from Slyudyarka to Port Baikal. When the line was originally built the rail  journey was interrupted by ferry transport across 5,200 foot deep Lake Baikal. For this portion of the journey, the train was diesel hauled and footplate riding including standing on the side platforms of the loco was allowed.The line was originally double tracked.  In route, passengers were treated to an outdoor barbecue along the lake which included swimming opportunities. this provided the best meal of the trip and welcome break from  the mostly Russian dishes that was being served in the two restaurant cars. There is still some local passenger service on the line. 

Date: 06/10/20 03:20
Re: Trans Siberian Trip Part 8
Author: andersonb109

The station at the end of the branch at Port Baikal is of typical wood construction. We took a ferry to the other side of the lake and a ski lift to the top. This line was bypassed in 1904. 

Date: 06/10/20 07:43
Re: Trans Siberian Trip Part 8
Author: King_Coal

Thanks for sharing your travels. That does look like fun!

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