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Date: 12/03/20 11:15
Steam in Turkey
Author: masterphots

With the end of regular service steam ending soon on the TCDD (Turkish Rys),  three of us ventured there in December 1984 for three weeks of steam hunting.  It was really cold,  overcast a lot and the only info we had as to where steam might be alive was the latest issue of World Steam.  Arriving at the Ankara airport it was a scene out of Dr. Zvivago.....snow and ice, donkey carts on the roads and open fires to warm people selling things roadside.  And so the adventure began.  Our prime objective was the Vulcan 2-10-0s built in Wilkes-Barre, PA in 1948.  These had been tested on the Lehigh Valley and, having skyline casings. were dubbed Skyliners by the fans.  We picked up the hire car and drove to Karabuk where they were rumored to be running.  And so they were.  The first part of my photo series follows,  all showing these great engines.   It's a shame that one was not brought home for the museum in Scranton, since they were built close by.  There might still be a few stored at the Sivas Shops.  One is preserved at the national steam museum in Camlik.

1.  56313 coaling up at Karabuk  (pronounced Car.a.boosh).   All three photos on 12/18/84

2.  56357 arrives Karabuk with a train from Zonguldok on the Black Sea.  A huge steel mill is located there.

3.  56382 at Karabuk

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Date: 12/03/20 11:19
Re: Steam in Turkey
Author: masterphots

4.   56--- leaving Kurkuk  12/19/84   Note the passenger car in the consist.  Most freight trains we saw had one as there were few local passenger trains, only the principal cities were served by proper passenger trains.

5.  56313 at Orkatoy  12/19/84

6.  56382 and train crew at Karabuk  12/20/84.  I sent prints to each of these guys and the big guy in the leather coat sent me a thanks from all and he and I corresponded for a couple of years.  When I returned to Turkey in 1995 I learned he had passed away.

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Date: 12/03/20 11:25
Re: Steam in Turkey
Author: masterphots

7-8.   56382 switching at Karabuk  12/19/84

9.     56313 at Cildikisic  12/20/84  A fine looking engine. 


Date: 12/03/20 11:27
Re: Steam in Turkey
Author: masterphots

10.   56338 leaving Tuney.  12/21/84

11.   same train south of Tuney on the way to Irmak  12/21/843

Date: 12/03/20 17:06
Re: Steam in Turkey
Author: mundo

Thanks Alan.

Date: 12/03/20 18:30
Re: Steam in Turkey
Author: dwatry

Always liked those Skyliners!   It's interesting that TCDD went to Vulcan for those locomotives.  I'm not aware of any other locomotives anywhere near that big that Vulcan built in the US - it was mostly small switchers. 

Date: 12/04/20 00:28
Re: Steam in Turkey
Author: 86235

Excellent set Alan 

Date: 12/04/20 05:10
Re: Steam in Turkey
Author: GettingShort

Good images from what had to have been a great trip.

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