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International Railroad Discussion > Transap/Fepasa Chile near Laja

Date: 03/10/21 15:52
Transap/Fepasa Chile near Laja
Author: masterphots

The bridge over the small river feeding into the Rio Bio Bio that I mentioned in my previous post sees trains from both Transap and Fepasa.  The government owns the track and there is open access.  Until the wire was removed  there was also EMU passenger service from Concepcion to Renaico.  Today the electrification ends at Laja.   This is on the north-south mainlne from Santiago to just north of Puerto Montt.   At San Rosendo,  just across the river from Laja, is the junction where the line to Concepcion joins the mainline.  Below are a couple of photos of the bridge;  today impossible due to those trees having grown up on both sides of the bridge, which obscures most of the train.

1.  Fepasa SDL39 2343W hauling logs to one of the cellulose mills to the west.  The unit is former Milwaukee/Wisconsin Central 587.  El Mirador,  2/26/08   Late afternoon shot.

2.  Transap SD39M-3 3001W with a train of processed cellulose heading for the mill at Lirquen, in the Concepcion port area.  2/28/13   Morning shot from the little beach.

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Date: 03/10/21 16:38
Re: Transap/Fepasa Chile near Laja
Author: pedrop

Nice photos. Here in my area we have daily log trains with 90 cars and two or three dash 9's. What is the size if theses log trains in Chile?

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG

Date: 03/10/21 17:35
Re: Transap/Fepasa Chile near Laja
Author: masterphots

35-40 cars maximum

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