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Date: 11/27/21 12:56
Follow that train! (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

Hi, today we had a wet morning here in Vespasiano, but is wasn't cold. I left home early to try to see MRS cast iron train O682 that had the brand new SD70LC being delivered from EMD. I could photograph it at ENG and EVP yards. I will open another thread here in TO to show the pictures. This one here is to share the video I edited from the cameras in my car while I was driving to and from ENG yard. 
I also added a second video from the same cameras showing the commuters I use to see everyday while drinving in Belo Horizonte City.


Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG

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Date: 11/27/21 23:15
Re: Follow that train! (Brazil)
Author: Ritzville

Liked the train chase, everthing looks nice and green and wet. Interesting to see the commute trains.


Date: 11/28/21 05:04
Re: Follow that train! (Brazil)
Author: retcsxcfm

Loved the train chase.It gave me a look at your country.
Please show more.

Uncle Joe

Date: 11/29/21 13:30
Re: Follow that train! (Brazil)
Author: 950SooLine

Thanks for the videos,    Dick H

Date: 11/29/21 17:59
Re: Follow that train! (Brazil)
Author: DLM

Beautiful country.  Thanks for posting the videos.

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