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International Railroad Discussion > U20C in notch 8 (Brazil)

Date: 01/21/22 18:20
U20C in notch 8 (Brazil)
Author: pedrop

Hi, I edited some videos received from a friend where you can watch the train C358 running in the Belo Horizonte corridor from ECF to ECR sidings. In ECF the train needs to climb a steep grade to reach BH city level. So, the trains use notch 8 there.


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Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano MG,

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Date: 01/21/22 20:24
Re: U20C in notch 8 (Brazil)
Author: tomstp

Early in the video there appear to be two light signals for each track but non were lighted.  What are they for?

Date: 01/21/22 22:42
Re: U20C in notch 8 (Brazil)
Author: Ritzville

Thanks for the interesting video Pedro. The notch 8 engine sounds good!


Date: 01/26/22 19:29
Re: U20C in notch 8 (Brazil)
Author: 8notch

Nice looking video, thanks for posting it. 

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