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Date: 05/17/22 19:34
Brisbane to Sydney train and Sydney questions
Author: Press25

Good day,

I'm hoping for a little help from Down Under on a few questions.  As it looks, I'll possibly have a free weekend in the middle of a two-week multi-city trip in mid/late June.

1) I'm thinking about taking the all-day XPT from Brisbane to Sydney on a Saturday instead of flying with the rest of my team.  Any input, advice, pluses and minuses, etc., are appreciated.  For what it's worth - this will likely be the only chance I'll ever have to do this particular trip.

2) Whether I take the train or fly, the only full day I'll have in Sydney for rail photography will be a Sunday.  Are there any good spots to catch a mix of freight and passenger traffic that I can access via commuter rail?  (Ideally a station with bathroom facilites, etc., like those in England - might as well ask for everything!)  I won't have a car, and I'm not adventurous to the point that I'd rent a car and try to drive on the opposite side of the road!

3)  From what I could find on the internet, it seems that photograpy at Sydney Central Station is possible after checking in.  Any advice on which area / platforms are the best?

If I do manage to do some photography, I will post and acknowledge eventually.  I must admit lag on processing and posting quite badly - I still have New Jersey Transit and British posts to do to share what I saw and acknowledge those whose advice helped me.

Any advice and help is most appreciated.  Thank you in advance.



Date: 05/17/22 20:03
Re: Brisbane to Sydney train and Sydney questions
Author: DKay

If you catch a commuter from Central out to Paramatta  might be a good place to catch coal ,more commuters and general freight.Even a bit further out to Springwood would be enjoyable . Been a long time since I hung out around Central ,but the long distance trains departed/arrived on the low number platforms.There is light rail just out front of the main concourse. Small (one block) parkland just out front also (Belmore park). It had a lot of homeless folks squatting there not long back ,I wouldnt go down there after dark. 

Date: 05/18/22 16:15
Re: Brisbane to Sydney train and Sydney questions
Author: 4745

Hi Press 25,
I will add some thoughts about where to go to see a few trains.
My suggestions would be to catch a train either north or south of Sydney. That provides the best opportunities to see some freight trains.
Everywhere you go in the Sydney region, you have a great frequent electric service but seeing freight is a little harder. No one place will
allow you to see every type of train. Three hours in either direction will give the biggest variety of trains. Our trains vary in length with the 
longest being approximately 1500 metres.
If you travel south to a place between Glenfield and Moss Vale, it could possible to see container, grain and stone or ballast unit trains,
or the occasional steel products train.
On the other hand, going north to Newcastle and the stations going west towards Maitland will allow you to see some container, grain or coal trains.
The line is four tracks with two tracks excessively for coal traffic. Think about coal trains running like street cars.If it is busy, and no problems, 
one train will disappear and another will appear. Trains vary in which company owns them and size make up.
Anything from two to four locomotives, all on the head end or DPU, and up to a hundred cars long.
Most stations do have toilets but not all. Some trains do as well but not all.
Photography is not a problem, so long as you stay away from the platform edge as trains move quietly and relatively quickly.
Any other questions I will try and answer for you.

Date: 06/05/22 00:55
Re: Brisbane to Sydney train and Sydney questions
Author: spken

Brisbane - Sydney XPT is at present out of the question. 
Stabdard guage track is  cut & red boarded near Dutton Park station dur to tunnelling for the new surburbion Cross River rail project which will not be completed till 2025.
XPT from Sydney terminates at Grafton with a bus connection to Roma Street Station in Brisbane.  320Km (196 miles) trip.  Not good!
Landsborough, Queensland.

Date: 06/15/22 05:17
Re: Brisbane to Sydney train and Sydney questions
Author: Press25

Thank you all for your advice and information.  I appreciate each of you taking the time to respond.

I'm in country now and not the least bit encouraged by this Sunday's weather forecast - an 80% chance of rain.

We shall see what the day brings I guess...


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