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Date: 08/11/10 09:47
MSTS: Train Artisans?
Author: sou2601

At one point, there was a company called Train Artisan that produced add ons for MSTS. These add ons were, IMO, some of the best in the business. They were so respected that they are the ones who produced the add-on rolling stock and cab views when MSTS 1.2 was released. Then, when Microsoft began production of the cancelled MSTS 2, Train Artisans was a big part of the rolling stock production. After MSTS 2 was cancelled, Train Artisan went to work on their own simulator, and even had some preview videos - but that was mid 2004. Their website hasn't been updated since 2005, which talked about the 4449 (they were out touring around with them).

I know that several of the TA staff were/are Trainorders members (Rob Easterday, Cameron Lashley), and I was just curious as to what happened to this company that fell off the face of the Earth 5 years ago. :)


http://www.trainartisan.com/ - Their website is still up.

Date: 08/11/10 20:01
Re: MSTS: Train Artisans?
Author: norm1153

I miss MSTS, and sure mourn the loss of MSTS 2. 3D for railroading is more complicated and computer-intense than air since it has a lot more variables to deal with. Add to that the smaller market for rail buffs as opposed to airplane/airliner buffs, and their move is understandable from a business point of view.

But I still miss it!

Date: 08/13/10 11:37
Re: MSTS: Train Artisans?
Author: AlbinaRunThrough

Just to let you guys know, Cascade Game Foundry which is full of people layed off from the Microsoft Gaming Studio, has picked up the production of MSTS 2. Here is their website:



Date: 08/13/10 12:11
Re: MSTS: Train Artisans?
Author: sou2601

Thanks for that update... :) I know that Rick Selby is a TO member - but I know that TA was "dead" before the 2nd incarnation of MSTS 2 that Rick was a part of - if I'm not mistaken.


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