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Railfan Technology > Kodachrome to return??

Date: 01/10/17 07:46
Kodachrome to return??
Author: K3HX

Date: 01/10/17 13:49
Re: Kodachrome to return??
Author: NormSchultze

Nope. The stuffe that comes out of a K-chrome processor is really nasty.  Plus, there are no processing machines left.   E-6 and be happy.

Date: 01/10/17 23:19
Re: Kodachrome to return??
Author: DNRY122

There was a big discussion of this "possibility" on a website for photographers (most if not all of them not raifans).  The generall consensus was that Ektachrome might come back, but Kodachrome was very doubtful.  There just aren't enough people shooting film now to generate the sales necessary to support the startup costs.  And someone mentioned that the K-14 line at Dwayne's in Kansas has been scrapped. so either Kodak or a third-party processor  would have to start from scratch.  

Date: 01/11/17 02:36
Re: Kodachrome to return??
Author: qnyla

I loved Kodachrome, but it will never return.  As mentioned, the processing is verycomplex and includes environmentally sensitive chemicals.  The small market would not support running a processing line, which is why it went away in the first place. RIP Kodachrome.


Date: 01/11/17 07:13
Re: Kodachrome to return??
Author: NormSchultze

I hope that is an old photo and not the current contents of your freezer !!!

Date: 01/11/17 14:18
Re: Kodachrome to return??
Author: JayK

Those of us who railfanned the west in the mid 80s loved Kodachromes.

Date: 01/11/17 17:44
Re: Kodachrome to return??
Author: perklocal

They don't look like High and Wides, but do they Exceed Plate "K" ?  Let's run a unit train !

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