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Date: 02/15/17 13:25
Railfan Sites
Author: rustyr0824

Found these railfan sites recently.



Stafford VA

Date: 02/15/17 16:03
Re: Railfan Sites
Author: Odyssey

Thanks for sharing the website links ...
They look very interesting & informative

Evergreen, CO

Date: 02/16/17 18:34
Re: Railfan Sites
Author: ironmtn

I have found the Railfan Sites to be useful. Coverage can be spotty, though, and some content inaccurate. But even with that on occasion, it has frequently enough pulled together a lot of useful information that would have otherwise taken hours of searching to find. And face it, a lot of info that we're interested in can be pretty obscure and hard to find, even when Google is our friend.

I can check and cross-reference the content for more accuracy after it fills in the basic picture. It has saved me a hours of work and misdirection on several railfanning jaunts. Worth a visit as you prep for your next outing, but be prepared to have to perhaps do some additional work to get a really solid picture of things.

Musekgon, Michigan.

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