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Date: 04/01/17 09:19
Canon Comes Through
Author: railstiesballast

I had a Canon SX710HS which had served me very well as a go-anywhere pocket camera.  This is a long zoom camera with the basic settings like shutter and aparture priority, now discontinued and replaced by (I think) the SX720HS.
However I found some spots on images and then noticed dust motes within the lens.  Apparently tucking in my pocket these last few years wasn't a very good idea.
After checking the auction web site for new or refurbished cameras I went to the Canon site; they offered a flat rate repair/refresh service for $96 and change including postage, at a California address.  As I thought that they only needed to open the lens and blow the dust out, that should be good.
I sent it off on the 21st and received a replacement camera on the 31st, they said that they no longer worked on these models.  The replacement came in a plain cardboard box but otherwise appears to be brand new.
In the meantime I have found, and intend to use, a little pocket case, like I used to use with my old Rollei 35mm.
Life is good, thank you Canon.

Date: 04/02/17 04:29
Re: Canon Comes Through
Author: mopac1978

My wife has a Canon SX280HS which I use on occasion when it isn't convenient to carry my DSLR.  Once on a trip I dropped it in the vestibule of a passenger car.  The camera appeared to work but the screen in back no longer functioned, rendering the camera useless.  Likewise I sent it off to Canon for "repair".  What I got in return is either a new or fully reconditioned model, I couldn't tell which, complete with another battery and charger.  All in all it was great service for a reasonable price.

Date: 04/02/17 09:30
Re: Canon Comes Through
Author: railstiesballast

Yes, I also followed their instructions to remove any personal accessories like the battery and memory card and Canon shipped another battery and charger.  My memory card picked right up with the same sequence in its new home.
I thought they had made a mistake but with your experience the same their policy must be to include the battery.

Date: 04/02/17 14:48
Re: Canon Comes Through
Author: jst3751

Canon is a company that is built on customer service. They know, from the top down, that they only exist if the customer is happy. It shows in the quaility of their products and their customer service.

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