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Date: 12/11/18 14:43
VR Train Operating Apps
Author: train513

Is there anything new for railfans regarding the virtual reality experience  (i.e., train operation apps) ?

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Date: 12/23/18 10:25
Re: VR Train Operating Apps
Author: hotrail

Wow, almost 300 views and not a single response.
I downloaded OpenRails a couple years ago, it is much better to use than MSTS.  But that's all I know.  Doesn't seem like a big demand, not in comparison to the number of flight simulators out there.

Date: 12/24/18 14:15
Re: VR Train Operating Apps
Author: TCnR

Notice some interesting games or something 'virtual' show up on YouTube quite regularly. To be brutally honest many of us are interested but have no idea where to begin, or what software/hardware is needed. There had been some software on the market, then for a while there was some work being done outside of Seattle, not a Microsoft project but in that community so to speak. Some folks may still be waiting for that to arrive.

Date: 12/24/18 17:13
Re: VR Train Operating Apps
Author: domerider400

Have you looked at Run 8?


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Date: 01/04/19 11:43
Re: VR Train Operating Apps
Author: train513

Thanks, everyone, for your information.  I guess what my aged mind is looking for is to be able to put on the headset, be there in the engineer's seat, and actually feel I'm moving the controls with my hands, rather than stroking keys to make them move.  We'll see what develops, I guess.  Thanks again.

Date: 01/05/19 09:15
Re: VR Train Operating Apps
Author: TCnR

As described above, what seems to prevent any VR of the Engineer's perspective is trying to control the simulation through a keyboard. A few years ago there was a 'desk console' style throttle and brake set up offered on the hobby market. A few decades ago there was a Linn Wescott/ Model Railroader article on building a wooden version of the decades old throttle and brake stand more often used in a diesel locomotive.

The VR market has all sorts of throttle and steering wheel widgets that can be bought, the VR airplane market has simulated things to buy. The railroad VR folks may have to conjure up some throttle and brakestand simulators if they want their software to fly. Of course there may not be anybody out there making S/W anymore either.

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