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Date: 12/14/18 19:37
Quick Test - Iowa Terminal 53
Author: refarkas

TEST - This is Iowa Terminal 53 taken in Mason City, Iowa on April 18, 1973. Instead of resizing my photo in Photoshop, I used the Trainorders site to downsize a full size image.
1.) Resized by Trainorders
2.) Resized by Photoshop but not tweaked for exposure

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Date: 12/14/18 19:51
Re: QuickTest
Author: rob_l

Charles City?

Date: 12/14/18 21:22
Re: QuickTest
Author: wattslocal

Texas Transportation?

Date: 12/15/18 07:36
Re: QuickTest
Author: WrongMain

Can you post a shot of this the way youi usually downsize it for comparison?  I've never used PhotoShop so I don't know what's all involved. 

Date: 12/15/18 08:57
Re: QuickTest
Author: refarkas

I just posted one for you. Mine main goal was to see if there was much difference between the two ways. (By the way, image two's exposure is not as tweaked as image one's exposure.)

Date: 12/15/18 11:02
Re: QuickTest Iowa - Terminal 53
Author: krm152

Image 1 is a tad more vibrant than Image 2.  
Can't really see any other differences.

Date: 12/15/18 11:13
Re: QuickTest Iowa - Terminal 53
Author: MartyBernard

I let TO software do it.  A few years ago TO software did a poor job of downsizing.  Then Todd fixed it.   Marty

Date: 12/17/18 15:36
Re: QuickTest Iowa - Terminal 53
Author: train513

How do you access TO software ?

Date: 12/17/18 16:35
Re: QuickTest Iowa - Terminal 53
Author: MartyBernard

For downsizing you post a photo that is bigger than the TO size limits and the TO software downsizes it automatically.   Marty


Date: 12/24/18 06:17
Re: QuickTest Iowa - Terminal 53
Author: perklocal

That is good to know for future postings. Thank you!

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