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Date: 03/12/19 07:41
Home printing vs. photo labs
Author: ETFuller

In this month's Editor's Notebook, we continue the discussion of printing your work with some thoughts on home printing vs. photo lab services, and touch on another very important advantage of a printed photograph.


Edd Fuller, Editor
The Trackside Photographer

Date: 03/22/19 10:56
Re: Home printing vs. photo labs
Author: walstib

Interesting article, thanks for posting the link.

I went through the print-at-home phase. I bought the fancy printer with the expensive ink and all that.

I eventually concluded it was easier, and cheaper, to use a professional lab, where they are responsible for maintaining the equipment and supplies. Plus, they offer far more variety and options than I could ever do myself.

I currently use Samy’s digital services when I’m in Southern California, and when I’m in Washington I use RR Color in Spokane.

When I’m not getting mounted metal prints, my favorite at RR Color is prints on metallic paper. They look great. It’s also the only print they offer done with traditional chemical processing. Everything else is done with modern ink-jet or other similar processes.

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