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Date: 03/17/19 18:06
Youtube sorting is messed up?
Author: jkurt

Has anyone noticed that the sorting in the filters on youtube isn't working today?   I think it was working last week but today I noticed it doesn't work.  For instance I type BNSF cajon  and it gives the same search results with relevancy as does date added.  Also sorting by day week month 1 year isn't working either.  I was wondering if I am the only one or is other people having the same issue.  Any info would be very much appreciated.

Thank you,


Date: 03/17/19 22:29
Re: Youtube sorting is messed up?
Author: clem

Apparently so, a side effet of YouTube dealing with the New Zealand videos. https://support.google.com/youtube/thread/2494861?hl=en. From the link:
YouTube is aware the search/sorting functions aren't working as expected – this is temporary and part of our efforts to better respond, review and remove graphic, violative content from YouTube. Thanks for your patience while we work through this. Will update this thread when these features are working normally again, feel free to subscribe for updates.

Date: 03/18/19 13:40
Re: Youtube sorting is messed up?
Author: jkurt

Thanks for the reply.  Wow though that stirred up alot though.  What is our world coming too.   Hopefully the search will be enabled soon.

Thanks again,


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