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Date: 04/25/19 00:36
Slide Shooters--Favorite film?
Author: RRBaron

Any TOs that are still shooting slides (like me), what film do you use for action shots on clear sunny days? Thanks in advance!

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Date: 04/25/19 04:04
Re: Slide Shooters--Favorite film?
Author: NYSW252

Provia 100

Date: 04/25/19 05:46
Re: Slide Shooters--Favorite film?
Author: K3HX

Also Provia 100-120.

Be Well,

Tim Colbert K3HX

Date: 04/25/19 06:04
Re: Slide Shooters--Favorite film?
Author: robj

No longer shot slides but even when kodachrome was still around I had switched to Provia 100.

Very predictable results.


Date: 04/25/19 11:16
Re: Slide Shooters--Favorite film?
Author: RayH

Provia 100

Date: 04/25/19 22:13
Re: Slide Shooters--Favorite film?
Author: anthracite

Another vote here for Fuji Provia 100F (also known as "RDP III")!

Before I went all-digital, more than 80% of the time the mighty 100F was the only film I used. Vivid color saturation that's not unrealistic AND without being gaudy...excellent grain structure yielding very pleasing sharpness...also useful for photographic endeavors besides high-shutter-speed action photos...nice contrast that's seldom too contrasty.

The additional 1/3 f-stop beyond what Kodachrome 64 offered was also useful to me on multiple occasions (even when still using a fast 50mm f1.4 lens).

The only weaknesses with 100F that ever affected me were just these two niche issues:
1) its reciprocity failure during multi-minute time-lapse photos, somewhat throwing off the exposure calculations.
2) its annoying sensitivity to certain types of streetlight bulbs, sometimes causing an additional yellow cast in many shots longer than approximately 1/4 second.

If your individual photo style does not include much (or any?) of the usage cases mentioned above, and you're primarily a daylight shooter, then 100F is reliable - a real winner. Use it with confidence.

Date: 04/25/19 23:15
Re: Slide Shooters--Favorite film?
Author: randalerickson

Provia 100

Randal Erickson

Tigard, Oregon

Date: 04/28/19 07:10
Re: Slide Shooters--Favorite film?
Author: march_hare

Another vote for Provia 100, although I have to admit I’ve been 100% digital for quite some time now. 

On crappy days, you can push Provia to ISO 200 and hardly notice the difference. I used to keep two camera bodies, one shooting at 100 and the other at 200. Looking back at the slides today, I often can’t tell which roll is which. 

Date: 04/29/19 19:03
Re: Slide Shooters--Favorite film?
Author: CNW8531

Put me down for Provia 100 as well. Although I’m all digital now (and that’s because of the high cost with film) I still have my two film camera bodies on the shelf and ready to go at any time if anything changes.

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