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Date: 06/17/19 22:11
Trainorders after net neutrality?
Author: Nomad

It's been just over a year since net neutrality was repealed. It made a bit of a hubbub on here at the time. Anyone seen their service change since then? Webmaster, any changes on your end in the past year?

Date: 06/18/19 06:21
Re: Trainorders after net neutrality?
Author: webmaster

It is up to the carriers, and for now they are leaving things the way they are. Do a search and you'll see the threat of lawsuits, new legislation is keeping the issue at bay. 

I think of the uproar that occurred back in the early 2000s when the revalation that web sites were tracking users with cookies.  Everyone was excited for a few years. People forgot about it then the providers took tracking to the next level.


Todd Clark
Canyon Country, CA

Date: 06/19/19 07:59
Re: Trainorders after net neutrality?
Author: LiveWire2

The big threat in the 21st century now that internet providers also own content producers is that your ISP could charge you extra to access email that's not theirs. For example, Verizon owns what's left of Yahoo. In theory, Verizon could charge you extra if you want to access gmail, Hotmail, etc. over its network. Obviously that hasn't happened yet, and when it does it may not be so pronounced, but the threat is there with the deregulation of internet services.

Date: 06/19/19 12:48
Re: Trainorders after net neutrality?
Author: jst3751

Net neutrality is the same fight as Amtrak is in.

Failure of our federal government to recognize and control "common carriers".

Infrastructure which is used by the general public MUST be owned and/or controlled by the federal government.

Railroad tracks
telecommunication connections to housing

Internet Service Provider connections into residential areas, whether you admit it or not, are monopolies. Because NO ONE is going to spend money on redundant physical telecommunication infrastructure into residential areas. 

Date: 06/19/19 13:06
Re: Trainorders after net neutrality?
Author: beefnlee

There are no web cams!

Date: 06/19/19 13:10
Re: Trainorders after net neutrality?
Author: dan

5g depnding if towers are safe, priced right may get rid of some cable needs

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