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Date: 06/30/19 09:12
GRS Signal Co. dwarf signal light
Author: apollo17

I recently bought a dwarf signal light built by GRS Signal Co.. Would anyone know where to find repalcement parts such as lenses, or how to wire it up from a house to work with the 18 to 25 watt light bulbs? I've checked on ebay from time to time, but haven't found any repalcement lenses for the GRS dwarf signals.   Thanks for any help or info. 

Date: 07/04/19 06:32
Re: GRS Signal Co. dwarf signal light
Author: austin

Apollo,I recently rebuilt a b&o CPL signal and the bulbs I used we're led automotive bulbs I believe 1157, or 1156 size. These are on 12 volt power and almost have no drain on a battery. Drop me a PM and I may also be able to help you with lenses and where to find them. Jeff

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Date: 07/04/19 21:28
Re: GRS Signal Co. dwarf signal light
Author: up833

 I have bought from General Signals before.. Many types of lens available. Mine isnt a dwarf so I dont know if you want something unusual or not.  Look on line for current manufacturers and you will find whats been available for many years. You dont need to pay premium prices offered by some collectors. Lamp/bulbs are also available online. The real deal bulb is nothing more than the same thing as an auto light bulb except they are  matched to have the element in the same position in relation to the base of the bulb. For your application the regular bulb from an auto parts store will do.  To get to a transformer to do the job you might experment. The output wattage is suprisingly high. I think I got 100w but you also get wire loss.  You really dont want to operate at 12v anyway. Six or 7 v might do as well and extend the life of the bulb "forever". I have no experence with an LED..interesting idea tho when my bulbs burn out.

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