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Date: 03/15/20 11:06
Quantum Dot image sensors
Author: 251F

(I'm an IEEE member but I believe this link allows 3 free articles per month)

Ever wonder what that "QLED" term means with many TVs on the market?  It's the reverse of what will likely come next in our handheld smart device camera.

Seems this is going to be the next major advancement in image sensor technology for cameras.  It will allow much more high and low light detail (because of UV and infrared sensitivity) then is now possible.

As usual, Apple is quietly working to incorporate such sensors in their devices.  With their acquisition in 2017 of Visage, it pretty much confirmed their long term commercial interest in quantum dot technology.

Hard telling when Canon and Nikon will hop on board with this technology.  Many manufacturing hurdles exist to make sensors that at least reach the 20% efficency threshold.  Given time, that manufacturing barrier will be jumped and we'll witness another giant leap forward in image quality.


Date: 03/15/20 16:08
Re: Quantum Dot image sensors
Author: ChrisCampi

Very interesting. Thank you.

Date: 03/16/20 18:56
Re: Quantum Dot image sensors
Author: ironmtn

ChrisCampi Wrote:
> Very interesting. Thank you.

Second that motion. Read it earlier today, and learned a lot. I appreciate your sharing it with us.

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