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Date: 09/22/20 05:31
Tripods for video
Author: B-LineRailfan

Since I switched to using my iPhone for video, it seems like I've had more trouble with wobbles from the wind (both from the weather and from the train).  I thinking part of it could be the shape of the phone (like a sail compared to a bulkier video camera).  Also, I bought an inexpensive tripod but wasn't sure if that is really the issue since it looks like the more expensive ones are also lightweight.  Other than setting up well away from the tracks, I was curious what others have discovered that works.

S.P. Gass

Date: 09/22/20 09:51
Re: Tripods for video
Author: exhaustED

When it comes to video, weight is your friend. Vibrations from trains or wind have less of a tendency to move a weighty tripod/camera combination. It's unfortunate but true, until someone comes up with an image stabilised tripod...

Date: 09/22/20 14:46
Re: Tripods for video
Author: NormSchultze

There are stabilized gimbals.   Seach B&H photo or Adorama.   The heavy duty video tripods tend to be carbon fibre for light weight and stability. And price to match their performance ! The good news is they last forever.

Date: 09/22/20 20:25
Re: Tripods for video
Author: wa4umr

Hang a brick under the tripod.  That should help a bit.  Not elegant but it gives it some weight.  It's about as cheap as you can get also.


Date: 09/22/20 21:13
Re: Tripods for video
Author: B-LineRailfan

Thanks a lot for the feedback - good suggestions!

Date: 09/23/20 12:36
Re: Tripods for video
Author: JimBaker

If you are out in the Boonies bring along a sack for some ballast rocks and some light cord to make a small weighted bag to hang from the top of the tripod.
Simple enough!

James R.(Jim) Baker
Whittier, CA

Date: 09/23/20 19:33
Re: Tripods for video
Author: wa4umr

Yesterday I suggested hanging a brick under the tripod.  There are a few other options that may be more esthetic.  You can get a cloth bag and put some rocks in it, or there are some commercial weights made just for the purpose, or how about hanging a jug of water to the tripod.  You can also hang a weight from a barbell.  You'll have to get a hook to put under your tripod.  If yu have the standard 1/4-20 threads on a stud on the bottom of the tripod, you should be able to find a hook at a hardware store.  I think the ones use for hanging the chains of a swag lamp will fit.  


Date: 09/23/20 20:10
Re: Tripods for video
Author: B-LineRailfan

Awesome - funny I've never noticed anyone with a weighted setup like that but it makes total sense.  Thanks all!

Date: 09/24/20 04:15
Re: Tripods for video
Author: goneon66

i've never had the need to weigh down my tripod.

IF i did, i would use tie a "kettle" weight (5 lbs?) to the bottom of the tripod.............


Date: 09/24/20 17:27
Re: Tripods for video
Author: Curt

When necessary, I've used my backpack.

Date: 10/10/20 13:35
Re: Tripods for video
Author: K3HX

I've used the "suspended gallon jug of water" technique many times.
    In my view, it has a number of advantages:
        Inexpensive, a gallon of spring water is less than a dollar
        You can drink it if you need to.
There is also the Bogen-Manfrotto "automatic" tripod wherein the legs are
  chrome-plated, heavy gauge steel tubing and the mount releases the locking
  grip of all sections  of all the legs at the same time.  Weighs 20 pounds or more.
  Did fine holding a pair of 4x5 cameras a few decades ago.

For those who have demonstrably taken leave of their senses, there is an article
  in the November, 2020 issue of QST magazine describing how to use fiberglass
  camo support poles to make a seriously strong tripod..

For those who have taken leave of their senses AND have a huge amount of cash,
  look into astronomical tripods.  Astronomics is a good place to do business.  Takahashi
  makes a  good tripod.

Astronomical tripods sometimes use vibration-absorbing pads to put under the feet.
I do not know if they are suitable for rail photographic work.

Be Well,

Tim Colbert  K3HX


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