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Date: 02/17/21 00:55
Cool Weather but not this Cold ???
Author: scoobydoobydoo

Im riding in my truck with the A/C on when all the sudden a train pops up over the hill i get out to shoot a pic and my lens is frozen over so it looks and i miss my shot,Whats poor Scoobydoobydoo to doo?? to get the shot and keep Mrsdoo Cool and Happy,Thanks in Advance

Date: 02/17/21 08:40
Re: Cool Weather but not this Cold ???
Author: bert14

Scoopy...Sorry to say...there is no fix for this common problem. It happens ALL the time on seashore vacations (lots of humidity) or A/C'ed autos.
The only way to help/stop it is to let the camera/lens acclimate to the humidity by keeping it outside, or in your case, in the trunk.
Remember, it's not just the front layer of the lens, it's the whole lens AND the camera to. If not, it can take a half hour to stop fogging.

Date: 02/17/21 12:01
Re: Cool Weather but not this Cold ???
Author: JayK

Keeping the camera in a padded and zippered camera bag will minimize the problem.

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