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Date: 08/26/21 16:35
Transfer super 8 to dvd,
Author: SandPatch1

Well found some great films, and would like to transfer to a digital media,flash or dvd,
checked legacy & Kodak and glad I did, 49% 1 star reviews, mostly lost stuff,
anybody recommend a transfer service that doesn't cost 150 for a 400 ft reel,
thanks dave j

Date: 08/28/21 19:24
Re: Transfer super 8 to dvd,
Author: walstib

Legacy Box had 49% 1-star reviews and lost stuff, or Kodak?

Or both?

I couldn’t quite tell from your original post.

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Date: 08/29/21 08:46
Re: Transfer super 8 to dvd,
Author: DivergingClear

Dave, have you considered the do-it-yourself options? These tend to run in the $250-$350 range on Amazon. It's a high one-time cost, and requires a bit of tech-savvy (not too much, though), but this might be worth it if you have a lot of film to convert, or don't want to risk sending the film out to someone else.

Date: 08/29/21 13:02
Re: Transfer super 8 to dvd,
Author: SandPatch1

Yes found it's a place in Tennessee that does work for several companies that offer transfer,all have 1 star ratings,

Date: 08/29/21 20:28
Re: Transfer super 8 to dvd,
Author: clem

Removed a previous post because it cited a competitor's web page. That done, from https://legacybox.com/pages/our-story "Copyright © 2021 LEGACYBOX. All rights reserved. LEGACYBOX is a registered trademark of AMB Media LLC". And from https://kodakdigitizing.com/pages/about-us "AMB Media LLC is a brand licensee of Eastman Kodak Company, offering the KODAK Digitizing Box online at www.kodakdigitizing.com"

So looks as if Legacy Box, AMB Media, Southtree, and Kodak Digitizing are all the same.

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Date: 08/30/21 08:13
Re: Transfer super 8 to dvd,
Author: KCRW287

Try SPEAKEASYARCHIVES.COM. He just got some new equipment, and redid a previous rr 16mm film in HD, a big improvement. Reasonable rates also. He is in Kilgore Texas.  KCRW287

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