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Date: 09/20/21 01:51
LED Lighting Suggestions
Author: Q4960

I hate giving up train photography just because the sun sets below the horizon. I have been kicking around the the idea of purchasing a pair of battery powered LED lights that would be bright enough for photography and/or video but not too expensive to break my bank account. Any suggestions?


Roger Holmes

Posted from Android

Date: 09/20/21 06:42
Re: LED Lighting Suggestions
Author: ironmtn

I'm with Roger. If I'm out trackside, I absolutely hate sundown. Especially in summer. I'm lucky enough to live in a place (southwestern Michigan) where the combination of our relatively high northern latitude and being at the very western edge of the Eastern time zone, means that we will have twilight until almost 10:00 PM through a good part of the summer. On a beautiful summer's evening when you are out, the trains are coming, and the light fades away, it drives me nuts.

I'm investigating some of the new camera bodies that have rather incredible low-light capability. I'm probably going to give one a trial run with a rental sometime soon. But I'm sure interested in the LED lighting option, too.


Date: 09/25/21 14:15
Re: LED Lighting Suggestions
Author: SeaboardMan

B & H .com .  They have everything you need for photography although I haven't tried LED lights.  Still using strobes and hot lights.

Date: 09/27/21 11:12
Re: LED Lighting Suggestions
Author: RBB

Seems there are some pretty awesome LED  light bars intended for pick-up trucks and off road vehicles and they are not too bad as far as prices go. I've considered trying one of them as unmounted, portable illumination for night time train photography.  Has anyone else considered this or maybe even tried it?

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