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Date: 09/14/22 09:46
Slide Scanners
Author: J.Ferris


As my Minolta DiMage scanner seems to have pulled the pin on me. I am now looking for a new slide scanner. I know some folks have or are using the Epson V850 with the slide adapter, but am now hearing good reports on the Plustek 8200 line. Can anyone give any reports or reviews on the merits of either. Many thanks.


Date: 09/14/22 15:15
Re: Slide Scanners
Author: xupshareholder

I had a Plustek 8200i but it did not hold up to heay use. The LCD's got weak and scans went down hill after about 2000 scans. I have a Epson 850 Pro and have scanned some slides but haven't been too happy with color rendition, so I use a Nikon LS-5000 that I clean and repair as needed. I do like the Epson for medium format negative scanning. It does a fairly nice job on those.

Date: 09/16/22 18:00
Re: Slide Scanners
Author: bobwilcox

What about using a rig based on a DSLR?

Bob Wilcox
Charlottesville, VA
My Flickr Shots

Date: 12/26/22 10:20
Re: Slide Scanners
Author: MaryMcPherson

I just noticed this thread.  If you've seen the stuff I've been posting over at the steam boards, this is the unit I've been using for the last nine months.

Epson V850 Pro Photo Scanner:

It handles slides, negatives and prints.

The photos are Kodachromes I scanned with it.  The photos were taken with a small Olympus point-and-shoot camera, so the original slides are not spectacular.  It was my first camera that approached being servicable, though.

Mary McPherson
Dongola, IL
Diverging Clear Productions

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