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Date: 11/11/16 04:57
Finse cam
Author: RNinRVR

Someone has turned the cam so we now see more of the tracks and the hotel front is out of the shot on the left.

Sharon Evans
Glen Allen, VA

Date: 11/15/16 21:51
Re: Finse cam
Author: NH2006

It looks zoomed in to me actually.  Prefered the old view.

Date: 11/15/16 22:51
Re: Finse cam
Author: darkcloud

Might as well toss in some Finse info compiled.  First off, the cam itself:


Passenger schedules, adjusted in nearly real time (trains run from Bergen to Oslo S, with a Friday extra train Bergen-Al and the reverse on Sunday.)  Will also give explanations if any significant delays:


Freight website that tells what trains are running/delayed/canceled that day and reasons (Is the train on time? section to the right.)  Sometimes have to cut-n-paste a phrase into Google Translate:


However, they will sometimes run extras or schedule trains not listed that day. Freights generally run past Finse close to their scheduled slot (Norwegians take pride in punctuality) though sometimes as much as an hour or more ahead.  There are 7 scheduled freights each way Monday - Thursday, though I've seen 9 each way before.  Short sidings limit trains to 400 meters, so nearly all intermodals run with 24 platforms carrying up to a max of 24 40' containers, 48 20',or some combo.  Because of the short sidings and uniform consists, over a week they balance out east and west movements (no combining several to deadhead baretables.)  All freight is intermodal except for some enclosed wagons on the pair of trains to/from Drammen and a pair to/from Oslo, and occassionally a few open flatcars carrying autos.

Current freight schedules (Loading cutoffs and available for pickup):


Older freight schedules for the entire country (Probably want to download and save this, because an easier to use version has recently disappeared from the web):


Most of the train numbers and slots are still run on the Finse route.  The older schedules show all the sidings (passing loops) for meets (there's a lot) and some of them are completely inside tunnels.  Compare with the arrival times for those train number shown on the cargonet page above, not a lot of margin for error and many are loaded/unloaded quickly.  But again, trains are only 1/4 mile long.  View on Google Earth or Maps, the Bergen intermodal facility is fairly compact, just past the passenger station.

The line immediately becomes single track leaving Bergen through a long tunnel.  A new tunnel is being built to double track this.  Going west from Oslo a shortcut high speed rail and expressway will be built from Sandvika to Honefoss, much in tunnels (truly amazing how much of the highways are in tunnels in Norway.)  In a few years these will knock about an hour off the passenger schedules.  A similar project is in planning for Arna - Voss, which would save nearly another hour.  The goal is to get under 4 hours Bergen - Oslo.  The state is also looking at extending sidings to allow for longer freights.


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Date: 11/15/16 23:04
Re: Finse cam
Author: darkcloud

Current schedules:


    M-Fri  07:53  - 5502 - Bergen 05:13 to Alnabru 15:08 (L02:00-U15:30)

P-10:16 to Oslo (07:57-14:45)

    M-Fri  ?11:30? - 5506 - Bergen ? to Alnabru ? (L08:10-U00:30)   
          (Sat 11:35 - 5520 - Bergen 08:57 to Alnabru 17:04 (L08:15-U07:00))
    M-Fri ?13:59 - 5504 Bergen 11:06 to Alnabru 18:39 (L10:25-U22:30)

P-14:33 to Oslo (11:59-19:07)

         ?(?Sat? 14:45? [was Sun 22:51 - 5522 - Bergen 19:59 to Alnabru 03:37] L11:00Sat-U05:00Mon))

P-18:18 to Oslo (15:59-22:35)
P-   (++19:37-Fr - to Al(Geilo resorts) (17:05-20:49))

    M-Th   20:11(or 21:45?) - 5508 - Bergen 17:05 to Alnabru 01:06 (L16:25-U01:30/0500) premium
    M-Fri  22:37-22:42 - 5510 - Bergen 19:58 to Alnabru 03:36 (L19:15-U04:15/0500) premium
  --M-Th   23:40 - 5518 - Bergen 21:04 to Drammen 03:48 (L20:15-Drammen U05:00)
    M-Th   00:52 - 5512 - Bergen 22:08 to Alnabru 05:38 (L21:00-U06:05)

P-01:32 (xSat) to Oslo (22:59-06:25)



P-12:33 to Bergen (08:25-14:59)

               (Sun 14:54 - 5525 - Alnabru 10:04 to Bergen 18:37 (L09:25-U02:00))
    M-Th   15:16  - 5505 - Alnabru 10:04 to Bergen 18:43 (L09:25-U19:20)

P-16:20 to Bergen (12:03-18:58)
P-   (++16:45-Su - Al(Geilo resorts) to Bergen (15:41-19:19))

    M-Fri 17:20/21:07 [was 17:20] - 5507 - Alnabru [was 12:33 to Bergen 20:42] (L11:50-U01:00)

P-19:58 to Bergen (15:43-22:32)

               (Sun 21:07 - 5521 - Alnabru 16:03 to Bergen 23:43 (L15:25-U02:00))
               (Sun ?22:00? - 5527 - Alnabru ? to Bergen ? (L16:10-U02:00))
    M-Th   22:42  - 5509 - Alnabru 17:50 to Bergen 01:26 (L17:05-U02:00)
    M-Th  ?23:42? - 5501 - Alnabru ? to Bergen ? (L17:10-U03:10)
    M-Th   00:43-00:52 - 5511 - Alnabru 20:04 to Bergen 03:37 (L19:25-U04:15) premium

  --M-Th   01:37  - 5519 - Drammen 20:49 to Bergen 04:08 (Drammen-L19:30-U04:45)
        (Fri 01:59 - 5513 - Alnabru 21:14 to Bergen 04:32 (L20:35-U05:10))
               (Sun 1:59 - 5523 - Alnabru 21:14 to Bergen 04:29 (L17:45-U04:55))
    M-Th   03:27  - 5515 - Alnabru 22:18 to Bergen 05:59 (L21:40-U06:20) premium

P-04:04 (xSat) (23:25-06:51)
P = Passenger
Freight is listed by days operating, times schedule for Finse, train number, followed by the scheduled departure and arrival times, then in parenthesis the loading/cutoff and unloading/available for pickup times listed on the Cargonet published schedules.  Alnabru is the Oslo intermodal terminal.  Since the fleet ends around 4am Norway time/10pm eastern in the US, days are listed as they would be for US viewings.

Forgot to mention that the most common timeslots for extra freights are 21:07 westbound and 21:45 eastbound.  The 03:27 #5515 often runs up to 1.5 hours early.

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Date: 11/19/16 12:19
Re: Finse cam
Author: RNinRVR

Don't forget the freights with the containers that have the curtain sides which stop at Finse to unload cargo. It is neat to watch the forklift driver as he zips around the platform and the men who work the pallet jacks dodging him.

Sharon Evans
Glen Allen, VA

Date: 11/21/16 22:00
Re: Finse cam
Author: joemagruder

On the same site as the Finse camera is a camera mounted on the back of a Prague work tram which is almost always in motion someplace in Prague. The description says that the tram is greasing the rails. I'm wondering what it really is doing. The Pacific Electric had work cars that greased the wires.

Date: 11/21/16 23:57
Re: Finse cam
Author: spflow

joemagruder Wrote:
> description says that the tram is greasing the
> rails. I'm wondering what it really is doing.

Why shouldn't it be just greasing rails?

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