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Date: 08/21/06 19:53
Jordan Spreader Website
Author: Nova55

Im pleased to announce the following..

Myself and a good freind Jim Otto have launched our Jordan spreader website. This is over 2 years in the making now. Mind you only a few things are up so far, but were working on it every night.

Please tell us your thoughts on what we have done so far, and by all means if any one has somthing to contribute please shoot us an email out.

With over 1600 Jordan Spreaders built they are an important peice of MoW and Railroad history and deserve a little credit.

Here is the link:

- Paul Strubeck

Date: 08/21/06 21:10
Re: Jordan Spreader Website
Author: rrman6

Glad to see you fellows creating this site. I always like the style and operation of these great pieces of equipment when used on the Rock Island on the Golden State Line here in Southern Kansas. Keep up the good work and will be watching for more additions. Also, the piece of literature illustrating the double-ended snowplow...what years was this available and were any purchased? Thanks again for the site!

Date: 08/21/06 21:14
Re: Jordan Spreader Website
Author: Nova55

As far as we have searched the Double ended plow was just a drawing and was never actually produced. The ad is just a sketch of it to see if sales would go for it. It is from 1951 IIRC, As I dont have it in front of me at the moment.. We have not confirmed 100% if it was or was not built though. Also the fact that the scan on the site right now is of horrible quality, and will have a much better one avalible soon alogn with a bunch of otehr cool brocures.

Thanks for the comments,
- Paul

Date: 08/22/06 13:10
Re: Jordan Spreader Website
Author: upkpfan

I like it. Interesting piece of equip. When ever I would see one, I would take a pic. and have several myself. upkpfan

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