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Web Hosting Area

Premium members of Trainorders.com receive 50 megabytes of web space to build a web site. We do not require the display of advertisements, nor are there restrictive bandwidth limits.

To use the web space, simply log into the Trainorders.com server using an FTP client such as Filezilla. Our host name is ftp.trainorders.com, username and password are the same you use to log into Trainorders.com. To automatically display a page when your url is requested, name it index.html or index.htm or home.html or home.htm. To see your work you can view your web site by going to http://members.trainorders.com/yourusername.

Although we do not allow for cgi programs to be run, you can install a counter on your pages from 123Counters.com and easycounter.com.

In October 2005 we increased the personal web space area to a full 50 megabytes of disk space.

You can also download a free client named FTP Surfer that functions on XP.
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