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Date: 02/16/07 13:20
Hoxie, AR
Author: SloRide

Anybody ever railfan Hoxie, AR? I'm wondering if there are any views of the diamond.

I'm a heritage member, so I can't use the "search" feature to look for past articles..... :(

Thanks in advance.


Date: 02/16/07 14:00
Re: Hoxie, AR
Author: friscojoe

The diamond is fairly unphotogenic. Bald Knob further south is a pretty photogenic place.

Date: 02/16/07 14:47
Re: Hoxie, AR
Author: kevink

It has been a while since I've been down that way (summer 1989) but the dimaond at Hoxie is right next to US Hwy 67. I've got some photos of a UP crew working on the diamonds. I'll have to see if I can find those.

Date: 02/16/07 16:01
Re: Hoxie, AR
Author: nitewatchman

Unphotogenic indeed! The Hoxie Diamond is a "Flash Butt Welded - Straight Rail Reversible Manganese Diamond Crossing"!


Date: 02/16/07 17:55
Re: Hoxie, AR
Author: acelaexpress2000

A friend of mine shot this pic of the diamonds down there a couple years ago:


Date: 02/16/07 19:33
Re: Hoxie, AR
Author: gmojim

Have railfanned in Hoxie many times. You can shoot in any direction and some good old MP signal bridges. Have a convenience store across the street, so plenty to eat and restrooms.
Past 2 years, seems like UP does not run very much in daylite hours, been very disappointed with UP numbers in past 2 years, but BNSF always runs trains.

I like the place, if Uncle Pete would just run more trains. Better than Bald Knob, as you have 2 different railroads. Before UP bought SP, the place was wonderful and I headed over there very often.


Date: 02/17/07 00:23
Re: Hoxie, AR
Author: ts1457

My one time passing through Hoxie was memorable. The time was in the early nineties, I think 1992. I was on vacation from my Santa Fe power distributor job. I'd been out in Kansas and I was driving down to Georgia to visit my parents before heading back to Illinois. I stopped for gas at a station close to the diamond. As I pulled up, a BN Avard run-through appeared with two ATSF units for power. By the time I had filled up and was leaving, I heard a UP train approaching. As it came through, I saw that two of its three units were Santa Fe's. I was floored by the odds against that. When I had left Schaumburg at the start of my vacation, we only had about six units on the UP. Anyhow, if I had not known better, I would have thought Hoxie was a Santa Fe town.

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