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Date: 05/08/02 21:06
Along The Mojave River
Author: cnthomp

First of all, long time reader, first time poster, and I must say that this website and its many contributors have been of great help in enhancing and expanding my knowledge of all things railroad-related, an interest I have held since I was a little tyke in awe of my dad's train set (which compared to most of the posters on this site, was not really all that long ago <grin>). Anyhow, I'm a High Desert (CA) resident and in Febuary of this year, managed to grab this shot of BNSF 5354 leading a train under the D Street bridge in Victorville while hiking the Mojave River. Helpful comments/suggestions appreciated; flames may be directed to the brick wall directly to your right.


Date: 05/09/02 08:09
Re: Along The Mojave River
Author: goofey

welcome! don't hesitate to ask any questions, even if you think they're dumb...people on TO are great and will answer your question without thinking otherwise...that is unless you ask the same question time and time again ;)...welcome to TO...

Date: 05/09/02 14:56
Re: Along The Mojave River
Author: dash-9

I like the photo it has style. The only stupid question is the one never asked. Oh do not worry about getting flamed your skin and ego get used to it. Just kidding like the above post said welcome to Train Orders and post away.

Doug Forness

Date: 05/09/02 15:43
Re: Along The Mojave River
Author: cnthomp

Oh, the flames don't bother me that much. Just gives me a chance to break out the marshmellows and make smores :)

Date: 05/09/02 22:33
Re: Along The Mojave River
Author: GeoAngel

Looks great to me! Nice angle. Keep 'em coming.


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