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Date: 07/05/02 14:45
Digital camera question
Author: winks

I am considering purchasing a digital camera. I was thinking of a Canon G2. Any comments on this model, or any other type for that matter. I have been into photography for 40 years so I don't feel I'm a novice, but I have a lot to learn.

Use for RR and vacation pictures, and will download into Dell Picture Studio.

Any comments are appreciated.

Thanks, hope everyone had a good 4th.

Jim Winkler

Date: 07/05/02 16:33
Re: Digital camera question
Author: tunnelmotor1

well buying a camera is like buying a car (personal taste) so many models to pick from, bottom line is how much money $$$ do you want to spend,
Im in the market to up grade from my 1.2 mp digital camera to a 5.0 mp... this camera takes "awesom" pictures!!! it's here on e-bay

""good luck""

Date: 07/05/02 17:31
Tom, great web site
Author: winks


Date: 07/05/02 17:58
Re: Tom, great web site
Author: up833

Look at the Nikon 995. I like mine and for me..I see no need for the 5 megpixl capability as I dont go larger than a 8x10 print. Prefer the telephoto lens capability but not so much as the 10x on a couple models.
good advice from others above..good luck

Date: 07/05/02 18:43
Re: Tom, great web site
Author: pacificeclectic

FWIW, I've been thinking of the Minolta s404. partly because I'm a Minolta fan and my 35mm gear is Minolta and partly because it's reviews show some faster timing than others which may be handy shooting moving trains.

As much as I like the higher end cameras, the ones with extended zooms also need to go with electronic viewfinders and these seem limiting with fast moving subjects or panning, etc. Likewise, the higher end cameras don't really expand upon my 35 gear so the added cost still doesn't allow me to completely do without the film gear. Yet a good midrange camera does closesly match up with my slr and the lens (28-105) I typically use with it.

Date: 07/05/02 21:18
Re: Digital camera question
Author: bratkinson

I've got the G2's predecessor, the G1. I love it. For lack of a better description, I'd call it the high-end "point and shoot" variety of camera. For my photos, 3.3 megapixels is sufficient. More would be better.

The G1 & G2 have more features than you'll ever use. My favorites include the tilt & swivel view screen, and the ability to use shutter preferred, aperature preferred, or full manual setting. I must admit I'm partial to Canon. I've been shooting Canons since 1970 or so. Wouldn't use anything else.

Probably the biggest problem with digital photography is that when you push the button, it doesn't go "click" right away. I've been happy with my 25 yr-old Canon EF bodies, and a good selection of FD lenses. When I push the button, the shutter opens. Not so with digital! It's always a brief wait while it focuses! As a result, what I thought was a "super" shot became just an "ok" shot due to the 1/2 second delay! Sometimes it's a longer, too.

Also, one other caveat with digital is that you need some real horsepower on your computer. I was happy with my 500 mhz box, until I started doing photo processing. I now have a 1.4 ghz box, and that seems about right. You'll also need a burner, as you will quickly fill your hard drive with pictures!

The biggest benefit of digital is cost! Once you've bought the equipment (these days, spring for a 128 meg flash memory), the cost of taking a pictures is ZERO!!! No film! No Processing! No Waiting! Your darkroom is your computer! When I got my G1, Canon supplied Adobe Photoshop (basic) with it. I do all sorts of cropping, color adjusting, redeye removal, etc, all exactly as I want it done.

Also consider how you will share your pictures with others, if desired. 20 people around a computer screen doesn't work. Printing them with a color printer ($150ish) and computer paper is cumbersome and slow. Computer "projectors" are not cheap, but can be had on eBay for a couple hundred. I found a gadget that plugs between my computer and monitor, and it comes out with S-video, which I then run to my TV. Works like a champ! Of course, I take a major hit on image quality on TV. But it works for a small audience.

I keep learning more and more about my G1. I thought I knew enough about photography myself when I got my G1. But it keeps surprising me. I've even had some pretty good night shots out of it too. But for night work, I still prefer the old 35mm.

Date: 07/06/02 08:44
Re: Digital camera question
Author: redneckrailfan

The Canon G2 is a great camera, have read many good things about it. I myself own a Nikon Coolpix 995 and love it, 3.34 megapixel and 38-152mm zoom range. An excellent site for digital camera reviews and well as scanner reviews and other info is:

You should be able to find a detailed review about the Canon G2 and any other digicam that you may be considering. Good luck and let us know how you like your purchase!

Bryan Jones

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