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Date: 05/31/08 23:02
The Rest Of The Story...
Author: mojaveflyer

CO Zephyr posted some photos earlier today from the Joint Line, south of Denver, CO, and had a shot of a northbound coal empty with the BNSF 9385 leading... Well, as Paul Harvey says, 'Here's the rest of the story.' The inbound crew sat for sometime south of the 23rd Street crossing waiting to get in to the yard and- and finally got a high green light to come across the diamond and stop in front of the BNSF 31st Street Yard Office to change crews. Once the outbound crew got on, they immediately complained to the Brush Sub DS, and then the Yardmaster at 31st Street that the engine consist needed to go to the roundhouse to have the toilet serviced... immediately! The outbound conductor was not too happy with the aroma of the cab after the inbound crew was relieved. There was some editorializing on the radio about the lack of communications from the inbound crew, too. You can see CO Zephyrs posting at http://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,1682311.

Photo #1- Waiting south of the 23rd Street crossing... Inbound.

Photo #2- Got the light, on the move! He's coming past the inbound LIN-DEN doubling his train over in the yard.

Photo #3- Crisis resolved... Power to the roundhouse for servicing. Almost like the International Space Station with it's toilet troubles...

Thanks for looking!

Date: 06/01/08 03:42
Re: The Rest Of The Story...
Author: cp1400

Hey the BNSF 9385 was one of the two SD70Ace's that tested on Canadian Pacific earlier this year. I swear it wasn't anyone in Canada that left that odor!



Date: 06/01/08 09:41
Re: The Rest Of The Story...
Author: mojaveflyer

I believe you since I heard no one say "eh!" after a radio transmission yesterday!

Date: 06/01/08 23:50
Re: The Rest Of The Story...
Author: SD45X

Yeah, those Denver guys are good at saying nothing. Mostly the ATSF crowd. Pull stunts like that down here all the time.

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