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Date: 07/08/09 13:52
Female Train Crews
Author: DynamicBrake

Does anyone have photos to post of female engine crews?? I really get a kick out of seeing them doing their thing. I get the same feeling when I see a lady behind the wheel of a big rig.

Kent in Carmel Valley

Date: 07/08/09 13:56
Re: Female Train Crews
Author: trainjunkie

FWIW, here's a thread from the past on this topic...


Date: 07/08/09 22:45
Re: Female Train Crews
Author: PWB

There are few females on Amtrak,engineers and conductors. I know some that work the Surfliners and Coast Starlilght on the Santa Barbara Sub. Sometimes have a all girl crew on one of the Surfliners.Engineer,conductor and AC.Current Antrak Road Foreman on Santa Barbara Sub is a female! Some of the younger ones are on the extra board,but 3 or 4? have seniority to hold a steady run?

Oxnard CA

Date: 07/09/09 01:51
Re: Female Train Crews
Author: gobbl3gook

Hard to say, but this conductor in FoamersNW's photo may be a woman.
Ted in WA

Date: 07/09/09 01:54
Re: Female Train Crews
Author: AzNerd

WE have a few out of Winslow, Phoneix & Needles on the BNSF a few are not too bad, they got a good sense of Humour except 1 in Winslow who plays the sexual hassrament card to a point that alot of crew personel don't want to work with her.
1 Road eng formen out of Winslow who a really cutey and always has a laugh and a smile, oh if I was 30 years younger.

Date: 07/09/09 04:39
Re: Female Train Crews
Author: jackpot

Anyone have shots of "Tunnel Sue"??? The railroaders out of Seattle may know what I'm talking about. . .

Date: 07/09/09 12:27
Re: Female Train Crews
Author: ChS7-321

2 or so years ago, as I deboarded a through northbound Regional train at New York Penn Station, I saw a very attractive girl, in probably her mid-20s, climb into the cab of the train's AEM-7's and take over the controls as the train pulled out into the East River tunnels.

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