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Date: 10/22/09 18:28
Past & Present - Providence Summit
Author: BrianA

1) Most afternoons on BN's ex-NP Providence Hill in the mid-1990's were usually pretty good as you could always count on a parade of eastbounds out of Pasco headed towards Spokane mid-afternoon. The summit of Providence, WA was the place to be as eastbounds turned towards the setting sun and the sound of trains cresting the grade through the narrow cut was great. Saturday June 12, 1993 was no different. BN ran four trains between 3:05PM and 3:52PM (#'s 1-120, 2-120, 208 and 612) and the last, #612 was a Pasco to Spokane drag freight and on this date had units 2890/2270/2268/2874/2894 up front. I always did like this shot.

2) Then the cut got widened. Double track meant the perch we once stood on got cut way, way back and the scene was never the same. But this shot taken 4-19-03 is still a favorite because of the power. I also like the fact the hill in the background is green like it was in 1993, 10 years previous. Seems like it is planted in odd years and left as dirt the even.

I always wondered why the hill was cut back so far. Maybe it was used for fill on either side of the summit for the second track?

I've always tried to picture a trio of NP U25C's chugging through this cut. Now that would have been something to experience!

Brian Ambrose
Renton, WA

Date: 10/22/09 21:24
Re: Past & Present - Providence Summit
Author: up833

Excellent. I like it because the location is very close to the same spot and the camera presents a very similiar photo..vs one telephoto and one not etc.
Roger BEckett

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