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Date: 10/27/09 15:24
A Colorful "Ogre"
Author: YBA55

While out running an errand I happened into the OGRT4, Soda Ash load, rolling through Champ on its way to Barnes. To my astonishment the two lead units were a patched CNW and SP. They seem to be frequent motors for the Soda Ash train but are usually trailing units. Patched leaders seem to be hard to come by out here in the PNW, so it was a nice surprise.

Below is a shot I grabbed of them heading into Barnes. Those with eagle eyes can spot the "rock on" sign of a crew member.

For those without photo privileges: http://www.pbase.com/kentonline/image/118779990

Date: 10/27/09 15:39
Re: A Colorful "Ogre"
Author: Gr8adventure

Nice shot! The colors are really perfect together. Reminds me of watching some of the really old Cotton Belt and SP units that ran between Phoenix and Buckeye, Arizona a few years back. Can't find that on a big mainline these days..

Date: 10/27/09 17:41
Re: A Colorful "Ogre"
Author: funnelfan

Awesome pic Kyle!

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

Date: 10/27/09 18:55
Re: A Colorful "Ogre"
Author: SpaceTrain

That may be an "ogre" to you, but that is one pretty photo to me! Nice work.


Date: 10/27/09 19:31
Re: A Colorful "Ogre"
Author: Evan_Werkema

Back when BNSF Dash-9's 960-1123 first showed up on the property in the new orange and green scheme, someone on a discussion board suggested they ought to be called OGREs, for Orange and Green Railroad Engines. It never caught on, and almost as quickly, fans started calling them what they call every other orange locomotive - pumpkins.

Date: 10/28/09 08:44
Re: A Colorful "Ogre"
Author: Edwardjb

I know it's Oregon, but for someone without an Altamont Press timetable, where exactly would be these locations?


Date: 10/28/09 08:48
Re: A Colorful "Ogre"
Author: YBA55

Open it up to the UP's Portland Sub. They would be listed on the Portland end of the timetable. Champ is on the Kenton Line. Barnes Yard and Terminal 4 are part of the St. Johns Industrial Lead. Forgot if the St John's stuff is listed in it... I think it is.

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