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Date: 11/03/12 05:50
A Brown Worm in the Canyon
Author: CimaScrambler

A week ago, I found myself in Yakima, Washington, holed up in a motel for the night, listening to the Railroad Radio stream for the eastern side of Stampede Pass. I had heard that the traffic over Stampede was mostly eastbound and nocturnal, and hoped that by positioning myself in Yakima with the radio on I might get a chance to catch at least one train somewhere along the route in the early morning light. Well, the gamble paid off. Just before dawn, as I lay snug under the covers, I heard the DS give a track warrant to the last eastbound of the night at Easton. Studying the map and listening to the radio through the previous evening had allowed me to figure out a spot in Yakima Canyon that might be good for a shot, and close enough to the motel that I could get there once I heard the train on its way to Ellensburg. So up I got and out I went, into the rainy morning. I found this spot in the canyon, set up and waited for the train. It wasn't long before I had its image on my CF card. Nice! It took a little work to make the image presentable, but overcast light can be good for color, and the fall was in full swing in Yakima Canyon that day. So here you go, the tail end of a Brown Worm in Yakima Canyon in the fall, hoped for, planned for, and executed.

Be safe out there -

- Kit

Tripod mounted Canon 40D, 16-35 f/2.8 L at 35mm focal length, ISO 800, 1/500 at f/3.5, dodging and color adjustment in Photoshop Elements 6.

Kit Courter
Torrance, CA
LunarLight Photography

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Date: 11/03/12 07:55
Re: A Brown Worm in the Canyon
Author: 3rdswitch

Beautiful. Coincidentally we were through there on tues Oct 23rd and saw an eastbound local led by a blue and white EMD lease but unfortunately we were visiting friends and I was not driving so I couldn't make a fuss although with the sun out at the time it was a little painful. That is an awesome drive through there.

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Date: 11/03/12 14:32
Re: A Brown Worm in the Canyon
Author: jmbreitigan

Outstanding shot.

Date: 11/03/12 18:43
Re: A Brown Worm in the Canyon
Author: ns1000

SUPER pic!!!!!

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Date: 11/04/12 05:36
Re: A Brown Worm in the Canyon
Author: JET

The perfect photo Kit!

John Troxler

Date: 11/04/12 17:10
Re: A Brown Worm in the Canyon
Author: CasperLine

Kit, I LOVE this shot :-D If it had an H3 leader I would've suggested trying it for the BNSF calendar somehow

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