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Date: 11/04/12 14:51
Late Fall in Western WI
Author: rrartist

Fall is in her waning glory as Winter waits in the wings, so every sunny day is a bonus even if the sun is for an hour or so such as on Saturday. BNSF train H-NTWGAL departs La Crosse in a nice patch of sun. Sunday promised a little more sun and I found a CP ethanol load (ICE #6434) staring down a CP #B27 (DME #6368) at Minnesota City MN. CP #2/280 was a real treat with six CSXT motors lead by the CSXT #8524 shown here rolling into Winona MN.

Date: 11/04/12 14:57
Re: Late Fall in Western WI
Author: rrartist

As you've heard before "and the race was on"! Back to La Crosse WI with a few stops in between. First up was Homer MN as the train swings into the sweet morning light. Next up was Donehower MN with the bluffs and the Mississippi River sharing the view and lastly La Crosse WI as #2/280 comes off the Black River bridge.

Date: 11/04/12 15:03
Re: Late Fall in Western WI
Author: rrartist

One last look at CP #2/280 as the train curves into La Crosse WI. BNSF #8832 leads this morning's U-KEEMAD in a shot "not" exactly as I planned. My 400mm fixed focus lens couldn't decide on what to focus on until BAM, in my face! It happens! Lastly BNSF #9728 leads another ore train, this time its the U-CGMEAP just south of La Crosse WI. The clouds really moved in just after the units passed, time to pack it in!

Date: 11/04/12 15:53
Re: Late Fall in Western WI
Author: SP8595

Nice catch with that solid CSX lash-up, standard cab leader to boot! A Great series of pics.

Date: 11/04/12 21:02
Re: Late Fall in Western WI
Author: aussiehinz

Like all of em! Can't recall the last time I caught 6 CSX units on a train, even on CSX!

Date: 11/05/12 11:54
Re: Late Fall in Western WI
Author: davebb71

I flipped over my BNSF calendar to November and saw a very similar shot to these you have posted. hmmmmmmm... dave, out.

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