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Date: 11/05/12 11:11
Another Whereisit
Author: Railfool03

I don't do this very often (in fact, I can't think of a time I've ever done it), but after looking at these couple of grab shots from Sat night, I thought "why not"? Milepost and street names have been altered to protect the identity.

Not counting on the California Contingent to make the call on this one, but you never know!

Bonus points for a name/description where the photos were taken from...

Date: 11/05/12 12:16
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: mapboy

Might as well try a WAG- I'll say UP Portland, OR.


Date: 11/05/12 15:37
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Too many pick-ups/SUV's for Portland.

I think Fort Worth, probably just north of downtown.

Date: 11/05/12 17:35
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: Railfool03

Shane, you're much closer but still not there. Mapboy, some Oregonians are gonna be real upset with you equating Portland with Texas! <lol>

Date: 11/05/12 20:16
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: RustyRayls



Date: 11/05/12 22:13
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: darkcloud

According to Google Streetview, you are atop a restaurant in beautiful downtown Burleson, TX.

Date: 11/05/12 22:29
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: railstiesballast

People from Portlandia are wondering why the scene looks sunny.

Date: 11/05/12 22:30
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: wpdude

The further you get from the coast, the more American made vehicles you will find, and thats a fact!

Date: 11/06/12 06:46
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: Railfool03

darkcloud Wrote:
> According to Google Streetview, you are atop a
> restaurant in beautiful downtown Burleson, TX.

Darkcloud, well done! I don't know what clues you took from the picture to locate this in GS as Burleson, but you are right on! Taken from the balcony of Grumpy's burgers where we were having a beer after dinner at Babe's Chicken. Next time, we all agreed to have the burgers at Grumpy's, so I'll let you know then if they are any good. Regardless, the view is outstanding!

This is UP's Ft. Worth Sub about 15 miles south of Ft. Worth. Mostly directional northbound traffic, but an occasional southbound loaded coal train. UP likes to pair NB traffic on this route from Hearne, TX (via Waco) with SB traffic on their route to Hearne through Corsicana, TX.

Date: 11/06/12 07:24
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: Western_Star

Look at all the big SUV's and trucks. Gas must be somewhat affordable in those parts. Portland may have been able to duplicate this 10 years ago, not anymore. To think, I used to own a v10 ford excursion, can't imagine even considering owning that now..

Portland, OR

Date: 11/06/12 07:30
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: Railfool03

$3.07 is the cheapest I saw this weekend, with an average around $3.15.

Depends on the definition of affordable - I'm sure compared to Oregon, it is. Compared to $2/gal a couple of years ago, not so much!

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Date: 11/06/12 13:28
Re: Another Whereisit
Author: WrongWayMurphy

The crowd outside in Pic 1 are Chesapeake employees and have stopped the Prius just entering the picture.

They have pulled the driver out and impounded the electric contraption, for deportation to the west coast.

As for the driver, he will be tried and convicted of illogical use of fossil fuels, and be hung from the Oak on the far right.

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