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Western Railroad Discussion > Gboat, UP flag, NS on FRS today, Flat Friday?

Date: 11/16/12 15:46
Gboat, UP flag, NS on FRS today, Flat Friday?
Author: highgreengraphics

Bright and early this morning, BNSF's H DENGRF1 16A approached Fort Collins, CO on the Front Range Subdivision with a mix of a Goatboat leading a UP wing/flag, and an NS bringing up the rear. My steering started getting squirrelly after I left the second photo spot, which kept me from going past the third photo spot at North Yard. Both front tires were going flat, luckily I had a 12V compressor. I sure did not want to jack up the front end with both tires flat. So I leapfrogged it clear across town, stopping periodically to air up the front tires, to the Firestone garage where the tires came from. I got to the garage, and found out I had a total of 11, 2-inch all-purpose deck screws and one big staple in THREE tires! Luckily, because of right-of-way road driving I have road hazard warranties on all 4 tires, so 3 were replaced and I went ahead and bought a matching fourth one so it only cost me 125 bucks. In 38 years of driving, I have never had that many holes at once in my tires, I'm amazed I had any inflated time at all between 12V pump fill-ups. And it didn't even happen on a right-of-way road! We figure a contractor dumped a box out the back of his truck and I was one of the lucky ones to drive through it. Anyway...

Photo 1 - This morning's Denver-Great Falls motors along north of Loveland, CO having just passed the old sugar beet dumping station called Marion as Long's Peak reaches skyward in the distance.

Photo 2 - Morning frost is still on the ground as the Denver-Great Falls rolls over the Cache La Poudre River bridge in Fort Collins, CO at the 16-whistle whistlepost governing opposing trains approaching the Mason St. street-running.

Photo 3 - Passing Great Western Railway switching power consisting of two Hudson Bay Railway-lettered Geeps safely tucked away in the pocket track at the yard office at North Yard, at the northeast edge of Fort Collins, CO.

Happy Flat Friday? === === = === JLH

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Date: 11/16/12 17:42
Re: Gboat, UP flag, NS on FRS today, Flat Friday?
Author: Atsf814

Continues to amaze me how good the H1's look compared to the rest.

Date: 11/16/12 19:38
Re: Gboat, UP flag, NS on FRS today, Flat Friday?
Author: 494

wow, whistle sixteen! very nice j, thanks for sharing.

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