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Date: 12/08/12 20:53
Question re C&NW C40-8s
Author: schmo

I'm modeling in HO a C&NW Dash 8-40C (C40-8), which was delivered with a yellow warning beacon atop the cab. Can you tell me if that beacon was of the standard flashing type, or if it was a strobe? From the looks of it, it could be either. I'd like to get it right.

I saw these babies in action a couple times in Stockton, CA, but I can't recall if that light atop the cab was blinking or was a strobe. The accompanying photo shows C&NW 8520 departing Stockton with an ebd UP stack train; note that it still has the yellow warning light in place.

Any info is greatly appreciated!
--Steve Schmollinger

Date: 12/08/12 22:04
Re: Question re C&NW C40-8s
Author: SP7615

I saw a few of those units it looked like the light was strobe.


Date: 12/08/12 22:43
Re: Question re C&NW C40-8s
Author: Fizzboy7


Date: 12/09/12 04:32
Re: Question re C&NW C40-8s
Author: intermodalres

The ones I have video of at night show a strobe.

Date: 12/09/12 05:26
Re: Question re C&NW C40-8s
Author: CCMF

Half of them are now CN 2100-2134 and the other half soon will be CN's.

Bill Miller
Galt, ON

Date: 12/09/12 08:15
Re: Question re C&NW C40-8s
Author: PHall

Beacons of that size and shape are almost always a strobe.

Date: 12/09/12 09:56
Re: Question re C&NW C40-8s
Author: Diesel-Doctor

Steve, all of these flashing lights were strobes from the mid eighties till the end of the C&NW in 1995. Earlier years 60-70's these were beacon lights, as in the gumball design, not the flat top modern style, although some may have been replaced off line with those. Hope this helps.

Date: 12/10/12 08:19
Re: Question re C&NW C40-8s
Author: dash944cw

If it's a Spectrum, don't forget to re-size the windows...

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