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Date: 12/17/12 17:58
Joint Line action today
Author: SP8595

With that pesky "wave" cloud that has been hanging around Denver gone and clear skies this morning, headed out to see what the Joint Line (the BNSF/UP line South out of Denver) was offering. After meeting up with TO member "Hermosa45" we immediately found 4 Southbound BNSF trains running right on each other's block!
1)BNSF 6070 and 9906 led the pack with a coal load and are seen at Larkspur on Main #1.
2)BNSF SD70MAC's 8988 and 8813 are South of Castle Rock with another coal load.
3)Another view of the 8988 heading South at Larkspur. This train also had a pair of SD70MAC's on the rear, pretty unusual to see a train with all 4 engines being of the same model!
Three More Posted Below......................

Date: 12/17/12 18:04
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: SP8595

4)Third train was another coal load, this one being led by 5946 and 9694 North of Larkspur.

The fourth train was finally something other than a loaded coal train!

5)BNSF 4086, 788 and 7058 have a lengthy manifest in tow heading South and are seen at the old flyover located North of Palmer Lake and heading down into the "sag".
6)BNSF 4086 and company are seen once again on the final approach to the Summit at Palmer Lake.
Last Three Pictures Posted Below................

Date: 12/17/12 18:15
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: SP8595

After waiting quite awhile at Palmer Lake for a pair of Northbounds to show, the first train ended up being a non-descript empty coal bucket but the second train was a unit train of empty Gas tank cars and led by "Wagon-Wheel" SD70MAC 9598.

7)BNSF 9598 and 9856 head North approaching Sedalia on Main #2.

Spying the Big Lift local heading South out of Big Lift with a white-face GP39E leading, a U-turn was in order!

8)BNSF 2745 and SD40-2 1844 proceed through Sedalia on Main #1 heading for Colorado Springs.
9)Another coal load with SD70ACe 9274 leading SD70MAC 9472 (interesting numbers) South through Acequia rounded out the day.
Thanks for taking a peek:}

Date: 12/17/12 18:17
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: bnsf7512

Some really Nice Shot's.

Date: 12/17/12 18:20
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: DRGW

Your making me want to take a trip to Colorado. Great shots, and nice catch on that wagon wheel!

Date: 12/17/12 18:22
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: mojaveflyer

Nice series of shots! The standing wave clouds over the Front Range can be a real pain in the butt for photography.

Date: 12/17/12 20:22
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: oyw

No photography problems anymore. You have definitely arrived.


Date: 12/17/12 20:23
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: tomstp

Not much snew.

Date: 12/17/12 23:23
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: TheGrande

Nothing better than to catch several southbound stacked up on the climb!

Date: 12/18/12 12:22
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: rrartist

All these photos are AWESOME! I like the BNSF #2745 the best! Thank you for sharing!

Date: 12/18/12 16:55
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: ns1000

NICE set of pics!!! Thanks for sharing.

Date: 12/18/12 16:57
Re: Joint Line action today
Author: NH2006

Sweet. I want that 2745 back on our line darnit!

And nice Wagon Wheel leader!

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