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Date: 02/14/13 08:02
PTI Vans....
Author: RI4444

I saw two different PTI full-size vans yesterday.When did they switch from the "clown cars"?

Date: 02/14/13 08:09
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: coaststarlight99

What is a PTI van?

Date: 02/14/13 08:12
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: bnsftcdiv

Crew haulers or taxi's-Used to be Armadillo Express, Coach USA, or others, at least in the midwest

Dave Burman

Date: 02/14/13 08:28
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: coaststarlight99

Ah, okay...One company used out west is Rentzenberger (I'm probably spelling it wrong).

Date: 02/14/13 09:07
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: toledopatch

coaststarlight99 Wrote:
> Ah, okay...One company used out west is
> Rentzenberger (I'm probably spelling it wrong).

Renzenberger and PTI are two of the bigger players in this business. All I ever see for them in my area is vans; I don't know what the "clown car" term refers to.

Date: 02/14/13 09:58
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: RI4444

The term "clown car" is a nickname for a minivan!Nothing quite like a 250mile,5hr ride in the fetal position.

Date: 02/14/13 10:47
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: CasperLine

Railcrew express uses different sized vans depending on how many crews they have to haul for that trip. PTI is the only time I've ever seen a mini-van

Posted from iPhone

Date: 02/14/13 11:52
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: DaveL

Just to set the record straight; Renzenberger out here in the wild, wild west,
uses Ford Expeditions and Chevy Suburbans, with the occasional Chevy box van.


Date: 02/14/13 15:04
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: kodachrome9319

Those minivans aren't allowed in the division I work in, only GMC Savanna (Chevy Express), and Expeditions are allowed. I hate both, but if I had to pick, I'd take the van, as it'd stand up a lot better in a collision.

Date: 02/14/13 17:05
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: therailnut

I work for Railcrew Xpress. They use full sized vans and expeditions. At my particular hub we use full size ford vans. although I have been told Ford has quit making vans so I wonder what new transportation will be.

Date: 02/14/13 19:01
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: WP707

The Next-Gen of crew haulers...

Date: 02/15/13 00:07
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: MarcelineSub

I wonder if the weird looking Nissans(?) will make it into crew service? They have a fugly front end but look like a E-Ford from the front doors back on the outside.

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Date: 02/15/13 05:59
Re: PTI Vans....
Author: therailnut

Like the pick Wp707. lol.

I think someone said they were looking into the ford expeditions. I seen a few running around that come up from St Louis to our hub.

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