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Date: 06/05/13 11:09
Bailey Yard Cam
Author: Frontrunner

The line of SD90/43MAC's seems to have thinned out a bit on the yard cam. Has U.P. found a fix for there crack frame issues?

Date: 06/05/13 11:56
Re: Bailey Yard Cam
Author: mg8711

Now I may be wrong, but I heard the word was/is they sent a bunch to West Colton for long term storage.

Date: 06/05/13 15:25
Re: Bailey Yard Cam
Author: kodachrome9319

Shipping a lot of them dead and drained for long term storage and/or sale. Johnny, your EMD's bit the dust. Guess they aren't so great afterall.

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Date: 06/05/13 15:35
Re: Bailey Yard Cam
Author: PALuvR

Guess I need to keep shooting those that are still "alive and kickin'"


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Date: 06/05/13 17:14
Re: Bailey Yard Cam
Author: DKay

There are (or was up until a few days ago) about 24 of the 9043's stored up in South Morrill .There are some 700+ UP locos now in long term.

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Date: 06/05/13 18:57
Re: Bailey Yard Cam
Author: ptroyal

8197, 8167, 8159, 8175 are in the deadline in Pine Bluff. 8157, 8185 are at the Jenkins Shops in North Little Rock.

Date: 06/05/13 22:33
Re: Bailey Yard Cam
Author: cpn456

My brother said that he saw a bunch on a siding in Meridian ID. Could these be going to Motive Power for repairs? He also said that UP had a bunch of SD70M's and maybe SD60M's that looked to have been taken out of the storage lines in Nampa ID in front of the tower ready for movement somewhere...

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