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Western Railroad Discussion > Question about DOT-111 tank cars.

Date: 07/09/13 19:07
Question about DOT-111 tank cars.
Author: inCHI

Coverage of the Lac-Mégantic derailment has again brought up the danger of DOT-111 tank cars, which the NTSB says are "subject to damage and catastrophic loss of hazardous materials."

Looking at my photos, I found these two cars are labeled DOT111. One is older and placarded for ethanol; the other was built this year and is placarded for crude.

An ARR slideshow I found says:

Post Accident AAR Actions
•All new DOT-111 for ethanol and crude
oil service beginning October 1, 2011:

Increase head and shell thickness

Normalized steel

½-inch thick head shield

Top fitting protection|

Based on that, I am wondering - is there a head shield on the new car? (Is it in the carbody itself?) Or have I misidentified it?

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Date: 07/09/13 20:06
Re: Question about DOT-111 tank cars.
Author: NSDTK

Head sheld is the plate that had started showing up on the outside of tanks. That said I was looking at some tanks built this year at work earlier that had no visable sheild. Some makers must be going with external and others under the shell.

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Date: 07/09/13 21:09
Re: Question about DOT-111 tank cars.
Author: tp117

Potent question. Most of the newer 286k GWR cars have an obvious head shield, but he DRPA car does not, but looks to me to be a new 286k car. anyone on this board really qualified to explain?

Date: 07/10/13 05:35
Re: Question about DOT-111 tank cars.
Author: toledopatch

The extra protection for the top fittings is the plainly visible extra covering on top of the car. Note the difference in the appearance of the roof appliances.

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Date: 07/10/13 05:47
Re: Question about DOT-111 tank cars.
Author: Lackawanna484

Here's a new STAX car with the shield clearly visible. It looks to be a steel shield running from just above the top of the coupler to about midway up the tank. I don't know if the tank is double hull, some new cars have it, others don't.

Taken at Elkhart IN a few weeks ago on an NS train. Many of the tank cars were in close numerical order.

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