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Western Railroad Discussion > Moffat Update (9/25/13)

Date: 09/25/13 08:23
Moffat Update (9/25/13)
Author: ColoradoRailfan


I heard from a reliable source that UP has estimated it'll take 2,300 carloads of material (rocks, dirt, ballast, etc, etc) to completely repair the washout between Tunnel 2 and Tunnel 3. Each shift (three per day, around the clock) are dumping an average of 36 car loads. Doing the math, it should take around 22 days to get the fill repaired.

Work trains started assaulting the east end of the Moffat on September 17th. So organized work on the fill probably started no earlier than September 18th. If that estimate is correct and work is proceeding at the rate above, then that brings us to October 9th or October 10th before the fill is repaired. Then, of course, laying the track and making sure the rest of the route is ready to go. But I would think that would not take long. So October 10th or October 11th, perhaps, when the Moffat actually reopens...

Kevin Morgan
Arvada, CO

Date: 09/25/13 08:37
Re: Moffat Update (9/25/13)
Author: the_expediter

Thanks Kevin...Interesting and informative...Dexter Morgan from Nowhere, Ore.

Date: 09/25/13 09:18
Re: Moffat Update (9/25/13)
Author: fbe

Nowhere as in No Where or Now Here?

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Date: 09/25/13 15:37
Re: Moffat Update (9/25/13)
Author: lowwater

Kevin, any reports regarding repairs west of the big washout? IIRC thee were several other smaller problem areas. Also, presumably, if they get the other areas cleaned up first they could haul rock to the west side of the big one as well as the east, if they could get a source of good material, otherwise it's a long way from Laramie to Tunnel 3 by way of SLC!

Incidentally I have seen ballast/rock trains over here, although there is a steel gang in the vicinity so I imagine some at least is headed to whatever they are working on.

Date: 09/25/13 18:50
Re: Moffat Update (9/25/13)
Author: NH2006

Thanks Kevin!

I'm bummed, I'll be up in Granby this weekend but no trains for me.

Date: 09/25/13 20:08
Re: Moffat Update (9/25/13)
Author: ColoradoRailfan

lowwater Wrote:
> Kevin, any reports regarding repairs west of the
> big washout? ...

From what I've heard, UP is currently having Denver-based crews bid for a few work trains at Cliff. I would assume that means those trains are going to work down toward Crescent, getting the Tunnel District back up to snuff before work on the fill is complete. So, I would guess that once the mainline between Tunnel 2 and Tunnel 3 is ready, wheels will be rolling!

Kevin Morgan
Arvada, CO

Date: 09/28/13 18:04
Re: Moffat Update (9/25/13)
Author: billnict

Another question; are they doing anything to mitigate this from happening in the future like installing additional drainage in that area, retaining walls, etc.?


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