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Date: 01/11/17 10:41
Customer no service
Author: bnsftim

For the fifth time my trains magazine got lost and undelivered. Tried calling on hold for half an hour and I called 7 am pst. If the creators of the magazine knew what was happening they would not be happy.

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Date: 01/11/17 11:09
Re: Customer no service
Author: radar

Most print publications are barely profitable, especially those catering to niche hobbies.  Just be thankful there are still some left.

Date: 01/11/17 11:42
Re: Customer no service
Author: WP17

My understanding is that customer service got outsourced to some outfit in Florida. Too bad as the former staff were available, efficient, and knowledgeable.


Date: 01/11/17 11:53
Re: Customer no service
Author: walstib

If you are a subscriber I believe you can read it online.

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Date: 01/11/17 11:56
Re: Customer no service
Author: lynnpowell

I received mine yesterday (in Modesto).  The mail has been slowed down greatly by all of the bad weather all over the US.

Date: 01/11/17 13:56
Re: Customer no service
Author: 1019X

If you have a print subscription, you have to pay extra to get it on line or convert your subscription to a digital only subscription.
walstib Wrote:
> If you are a subscriber I believe you can read it
> online.
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Date: 01/11/17 14:14
Re: Customer no service
Author: Corpach

I have been having trouble as well with my subscription. Here in the UK its normally in the newsagents shops a month behind you & since setting up a three year subscription I have been very pleased to receive my monthly copy direct near enough on the first of the month in question. However the Jan 2017 issue had not been delivered by 20th December so a polite EM was sent off to Kalmbach CS advising them of the problem, the reply was pretty quick and advised me that they do not consider it "lost" until December 26th. I just put down the somewhat tardy delivery to the Xmas mail rush both in the USA and over here. Guess what, still no copy by 30th December so another EM was sent and I was advised that they would send me another copy which I expect to receive that any time in the next week hopefully. It gets worse though, my Feb 2017 copy has still not arrived so I'll wait until 26th January then a slightly more terse EM will be forthcoming. I know that you can read it online but that doesnt complare to sitting down with a coffee in your hand on a comfy chair and reading through it. In connection with the above a book I ordered from a second hand bookstore in Wilmington hasnt arrived in the UK either so it remians to be seen whether there is a big log jam in the export arm of the USPS !

Date: 01/11/17 14:40
Re: Customer no service
Author: partsguy

They are just trying to emulate the Class 1 Railroads they cover.  Non-existent Customer Service, unless of course you order over 100 issues...

Date: 01/11/17 16:14
Re: Customer no service
Author: ns1000

So far, I haven't had any problems receiving mine.

​For the most part, I still like the magazine.... 

Date: 01/12/17 01:01
Re: Customer no service
Author: jofegan

I still get mine down here in Australia - takes a while to get here, but the delivery is consistent.  I once received an issue that got chewed up somewhere en route and the publisher replaced it without question.

Overall, Trains is one of the few things I subscribe to that I look forward to receiving every month.  (Trainorders is another one...)


Date: 01/12/17 08:37
Re: Customer no service
Author: Parthia27

Both my printed copies of Trains, Model Railroader and Finescale Modeller, all published by Kalmback have arrived about a month early as usual in the U.K.. I also have a digital copy on subscription for when I travel and use my iPad. What hasn't arrived yet in hard copy is Model Railroad Planning 2017. It is usually here by early January. I do have a digital copy which I think is excellent.


Date: 01/12/17 13:31
Re: Customer no service
Author: Corpach

Looks like the logjam in the postal service has cleared as both Jan & Feb copies plus the gratis Jan copy arrived today. Lets get this train service put to bed then I can have, hopefully a quiet hour for a browse before setting everything up for the morning rush.

The joys of running a passenger operation on a night shift !!

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