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Western Railroad Discussion > Red & Silver @ sunset... busted!

Date: 11/08/18 08:17
Red & Silver @ sunset... busted!
Author: santafe199

Last June I spent an enjoyable day chasing around Kansas City with a couple of fans new in my experience. Also new was my introduction to the ways of ATCS. It opened the door to a very successful day. When our inevitable parting of ways came there were still over 2 hours of shootable daylight left. And because of this ATCS I knew there was a westbound train out of Argentine with possible Red & Silver on the point. It turns out that BOTH units in the consist were R&S! And of course, the train caught me out of position for a full sunlight shot in the Zarah ~ Craig area west of Holliday. So I hatched a risky plan that had an enormous possible reward...

I watched the train pass by and judged the probable running time to a spot where the sun would be setting. My rough guestimation produced an very interesting prospect. This train could easily be running through Ridgeton or Lebo during that classic but short window of golden sunset color. So I rolled the dice and went for broke. I could have stopped and shot this train in a number of places along this old Santa Fe Eastern Division. But I didn't want to run the risk of not getting back ahead of the train for the sunset shots I really wanted.

It was a great plan, perfectly executed. I arrived at Ridgeton less than 10 minutes ahead of the train. I could see a friendly green signal at East Ridgeton. In my heart I knew it was for my Red & Silver prey. But there was another old adversary waiting in the wings for me...

1. 2. & 3. BNSF 670 & companion 688 are still in battle weary, but shootable Warbonnet colors approaching the east side of the crossovers at Ridgeton, KS.

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Date: 11/08/18 08:19
Re: Red & Silver @ sunset... busted!
Author: santafe199

In the final analysis I had done everything right. My time estimation was spot-on, and I was in perfect position. But I had failed to sufficiently bribe the Kansas weatherman. My camera's EXIF tells me the 3 shots above were taken at 8:30 PM. And the image below was taken at 8:29 PM.

I coulda ~ shoulda ~ woulda gotten fantastic golden sunset shots of Red & Silver on former AT&SF territory more than 20 years after a merger took away my beloved railroad. Sighhh................

4. Looking nearly 180 degrees opposite of images 1-3.
(4 photos taken on June 30, 2018)

Thanks for looking!
Lance Garrels

Date: 11/08/18 08:29
Re: Red & Silver @ sunset... busted!
Author: bmarti7

A very worthy effort indeed.


Date: 11/08/18 09:04
Re: Red & Silver @ sunset... busted!
Author: Ritzville

Really NICE Warbonnet shots with the sunset! Great catch!


Date: 11/08/18 13:13
Re: Red & Silver @ sunset... busted!
Author: retcsxcfm

Most,if not all CSX in the Southeast has
gone to satalite.ATCS is long gone.

Uncle Joe

Date: 11/08/18 14:15
Re: Red & Silver @ sunset... busted!
Author: trainman

Those are great ! Railfanning for me has gone full circle. When they first came out I'd hope red and silver was in the consist . They looked so good . Now that era is over when they were new and the post super fleet era is here and I'm back to hoping to see them .

Posted from Android

Date: 11/08/18 14:35
Re: Red & Silver @ sunset... busted!
Author: BNSF-6432

Great catch and shots. I definately like that last photo!


Date: 11/08/18 15:11
Re: Red & Silver @ sunset... busted!
Author: ns1000

I like Pic 4!!

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