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Date: 12/05/18 21:27
Last Sunday In Denver
Author: mojaveflyer

Last Sunday our usual group met near the Riverside Pioneer Cemetery on north Denver for a chance to visit and watch any passing trains... We only had two trains, the Market Street Local that works industries on the north side of Denver and a coal  empty that headed out. 

Photo #1- The engineer of the Market Street Local demonstrates his desire to get out of the yard by notching out the SD40-2s as he accelerated onto  the main line from the freight lead. Looked as though these units had been idling awhile...

Photo #2- A coal empty departs having escaped being worked on by the Mechanical personnel and departing with a burned out ditch light. 

It was a chilly  morning but I'm enjoying the time I have left before rotator cuff surgery puts and end to playing with cameras for awhile.  Thanks for looking!

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

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Date: 12/06/18 08:14
Re: Last Sunday In Denver
Author: SP8595

Clear day! 1791 trying to make its own Brown Cloud:}

Hope that your Surgery goes well!

Date: 12/06/18 16:01
Re: Last Sunday In Denver
Author: SCKP187

Nice photos and photo angle.
Brian Stevens

Date: 12/07/18 04:23
Re: Last Sunday In Denver
Author: RailFanAZ

Very Nice!  Congrats on IOTD!

RailFanning UP & BNSF, AZ

Date: 12/07/18 08:33
Re: Last Sunday In Denver
Author: bmarti7

Congrats Jim. Nice shots.


Date: 12/07/18 09:08
Re: Last Sunday In Denver
Author: MNNRfan

Very nice shots! Best wishes for a speedy recovery and congrats on IOTD.

I didn't know BNSF had started using ALCOs again :)

Posted from Android

Date: 12/07/18 10:08
Re: Last Sunday In Denver
Author: 86235

Very nice shot, good luck with the surgery

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